Dear EUPEA members,

As you might know, EUPEA is involved in the Erasmus+ project Disentangling Inclusion in Primary Physical Education (DIPPE). In the frame of this project, an online questionnaire for Primary Physical Education teachers has been developed to inform the development of an online toolkit for teachers to support the inclusion of all children in Primary PE lessons.

In order to have as many responses to the questionnaire as possible from all over Europe, we would kindly ask you to share the questionnaire in your respective national networks (via e-mail, newsletters or social media). You can use the text below in italics to inform about the project and the questionnaire. The questionnaire is available in English, French, German, Slovak, Spanish and Croatian language.

We stay available for any further questions related to the questionnaire and the DIPPE project.

On behalf of EUPEA,

Claude Scheuer (EUPEA president)
Martin Holzweg (DIPPE project coordinator on behalf of EUPEA)

Dear EUPEA members and friends,

The EUPEA board is continuing to work hard for the promotion of Physical Education in Europe. We believe there is “No Education without Physical Education”, the mission of EUPEA. EUPEA is networking with its members, to defend the place of Physical Education in Europe and is contributing to the success of European projects in which EUPEA is involved. 

Disentangling Inclusion in Primary Physical Education (DIPPE) is an exciting Erasmus + project which started in December 2018. We would be delighted if you could complete our 15-minute online questionnaire to inform the development of an online toolkit for teachers which will provide information about teaching strategies and resources to support the inclusion of all children in Physical Education lessons. The project focus is on the primary generalist teacher however where Physical Education is not taught by a generalist primary teacher, we are happy that specialists who are teaching Physical Education in primary schools complete the questionnaire. The online questionnaire will shut down 30th April 2019. Here is the hyperlink to complete the questionnaire:

We thank you for this valuable support to inform the project. You can follow the DIPPE project work at: 



On behalf of EUPEA (Erasmus + partner)

Dr. Claude Scheuer

President of EUPEA